Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Green Machine's Demise!!!

Here's what the frustrating, piece of metal looks like right now!!

Maybe I wil love it better and clean it up,
once it is fixed and working for its "master" again.
I know one thing, I'd rather play dumb and just be a girl, than be towed again by a small, little white truck..

in the dark, the snow starting to cover the road, up and down steep winding roads with no guard rails. I was praying, crying, shaking, and... driving:)
Definitely multi-tasking!!

All's Well That Ends Well...I'm Alive!!!


  1. I'm glad you made it safely. "God takes care of fools and missionaries"! Where do you fit in?

  2. I happen to remember that "Green Machine" barreling out of the FCA parking lot quite frequently, HA! Fix up the old gal so she doesn't feel bad, LOL!