Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Do They Belong To Me???

"Is it just me, or are they just adorable?"

Is Shal stylin', or just into the game of air soft.

Kelt is not stylin', I think, just trying not to get hit.

Okay, they're going to kill me, I'm outta here!!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

What Do You Do For Fun?

Kids learn from their Father...

This was one of his fun things growing up and has now passed the challenge on to Kelton.
"Mom, tie me up and see if I can get out."
I failed, He escaped. I'll have to practice my knots, eh?

The Green Machine's Demise!!!

Here's what the frustrating, piece of metal looks like right now!!

Maybe I wil love it better and clean it up,
once it is fixed and working for its "master" again.
I know one thing, I'd rather play dumb and just be a girl, than be towed again by a small, little white truck..

in the dark, the snow starting to cover the road, up and down steep winding roads with no guard rails. I was praying, crying, shaking, and... driving:)
Definitely multi-tasking!!

All's Well That Ends Well...I'm Alive!!!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Update--Part III

I'm getting ooooooold!
It's not just the gray hair...

My son is fifteen!!!

I had to improvise(how's that, Mom?) and use whatever candles I could find. Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera set right for this one.

The tea lights worked, though:)

The next day a strange phenomenon had happened to the cake...

Something or someone had done some tunneling.
The guilty party was a non- sugary type person.
Shawn? Bingo!!!

Oh, Well, Happy Birthday, Shallen!

Update--Part II

Here goes...

Once there was a wonderful little pooch, who we all loved dearly...

Baxter adopted us and it couldn't be a better fit.

But, there happened along a sweet little pup who was abandoned by the road at our neighbor's house...

Though I tried and threatened to get rid of her, her winsome face made me recant of that evil deed.

It could be that a certain young lady, who will remain anonymous,

...begged and literally jumped in my arms when I said yes.

So, here we are with two dogs, one forever small...

...and the other destined to be massive...

Welcome Home, Molly!!!

Update--Part I

Time for an update...

My batteries went dead in my camera; I know that is not an excuse, but I'm going to use it anyway. So, I guess I'll start at Christmas and bring you up to the present.

Here it is before I decorated for Christmas...

...and after.

In case you couldn't tell, I collect nativity scenes.

Another before...

and after...

I definitely can't compete with all of you guys when it comes to ornaments, but I was thankful to have a real tree and the fun of decorating.

Okay, there that is done... it seems like ancient history...wait here's some more...

Kyri had a writing assignment at co-op.

Of course, it had to be on her favorite food.
Sub Sandwiches!

Okay, this post is starting to drag, so next one will bring us into the new year!!!
I hope you're happy, Grandma Throne, I know you will appreciate the nitty gritty stuff.
Until Part II...