Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Do They Belong To Me???

"Is it just me, or are they just adorable?"

Is Shal stylin', or just into the game of air soft.

Kelt is not stylin', I think, just trying not to get hit.

Okay, they're going to kill me, I'm outta here!!!


  1. Something looks European here...what is it? I'm sure they didn't intend any style just a little fun time. I guess Kyri didn't want in on this one, huh?
    Yes, I do remember what you were going through a year ago. Thank the LOrd for His mercy and now your good health.

  2. Holly, thanks for updating! I love to find out how you all are doing. Wish we could sit down and have some hot tea and cookies some day. Maybe when I visit my mom we can get together somewhere close to you. Love to all.

  3. Hi HOlly! Sounds like life is never dull there! Hope you are having the beginnings of spring. We finally have some warm weather here!! We are elated! It's so nice to feel something around 50* again!!! Have a great weekend. Looks like your boys have had some fun with air wars:) Travis loves that stuff, too. :)

  4. Holly, is it jinx or the or the permissive will of God? I believe that everything that happens to us has to pass through His hand of permission. There's comfort if that thought. Plus it's good to pray for each other. I do that often for you all. Love, Mom