Thursday, April 15, 2010

I'm Older! Help!

Mom and I treated Shawn and the family to Chili's for a yummy B-Day supper.

We went to Eureka Springs for a girls day out. All I will say is Eureka has some weirdies...

Our Church family celebrated my birthday on Sunday. Mom actually got 36 candles on there.
AND I blew them all out. I get my wish, what did I wish for? Oh well...

Until later, Tada!!!

Point Of View

I'm thankful for my Mom's reminder about my point of view.
It can be really depressing at times, especially for a cleany like me.

I mean really, Shawn, who in their right mind would WANT a horse on their porch. (except you)

This is the "naked" truck! Yes, I have driven it all over everywhere. It is a great reminder that God hates pride. It has made me thankful for wheels.

God also made this, one of my favorite flowers. The beauty of spring helps me forget the dirt!

AND this is where I go occasionally when I need to remember what the whole Arkansas dream was about. This is the view that I will eventually see out my living room window.
One day...

Monday, April 12, 2010

The Nasty And The Nice

There has been a major renovation happening around here--see for yourself...

This was the beginning of my new found infatuation with tree frogs...

The old floor was gross. Period! It had rotted and had holes and...never mind, you get the picture!

Ahhh! The smell of newness!!!

Dark paneling and the poor sink leaked underneath, the faucet dripped, and it was kinda falling off the wall.

I love white! Yea! for white! But don't get me wrong, white by itself is stark.
Hence, enter Mr. Green! Take a deep breath, can't you just feel spring growing on the inside?
Shawn wasn't sure what he thought, but eventually said it was growing on him:)

He-Man Shawn, who ripped out that moldy, fifty-year-old drywall by hand.

Thanks, Babe, at least now I can shower without my over active gag reflex in over drive:)

I couldn't resist this little sign. It seems that is what happens when you only have one bathroom.
Someone is always in it when you need it. But, hey, with it looking this sunny and clean, I may never come out!!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hello? Are My Kids Warped?

Do you remember those kids magazines where they showed only a part of something and then made you guess what it was? That is what these pictures remind me of...
So guess away!!!

Actually, I'll give you a hint! We butchered our roosters...

This is my son's reenactment of his father's antics. Yes, it is a rooster foot! When he was a boy, Shawn gave his own mother quite a fright by pulling the tendon and making it open and close. Kelton and Kyri were intrigued by that whole thought. No, I wasn't scared and I didn't scream. I'm no fun. So Kyri grabbed a camera and took these of Kelt hiding behind the table.

Anyway, I now have 3 of the 5 too many roosters, in the freezer. Later...