Friday, February 27, 2009

Shawnigans, Get Your Gun!

We had some excitement the other night. My Mom was here and we heard this horrific noise. It woke me up, and I realized it was the sound of a dying chicken. Shawn jumped out of bed, and began the search for a usable flashlight.( they are forever needing batteries) I'm laying there hearing him fumble around and making noise. Finally, I found him batteries and out he went to investigate. He came back promptly, told me he had found the dead chicken, placed it in the kitchen sink till morning(Kyri needed to see what happens when you don't shut the chickens in for the night)

and quickly crawled back into bed. By this time all this banging had awakened Mom. She thought Shal was being his usual noisy self. We had no sooner lain back down when a more terrifying noise erupted from the coop. The night thief had returned. Quickly, Shawn jumped from the bed. Awwwkk...I heard the poor chicken screaming, and saw Shawn tucking in his shirt to go kill the varmint. I scold him, asking if he has to tuck in, can't he just wear my robe, I mean there is a chicken dying out there. Then there was the mad scrambling search for the shotgun shells, him telling me not to get up, I'd just had surgery and me telling him I had to or he'd never get out there in time.

Finally, He got his clothes on, his shells, his gun, and don't forget his flashlight. Out the back door he disappeared, I sat in the living room to wait. By now, Mom had joined me. Suddenly, a Kaboom broke the stillness and then in strides Shawn, the might hunter, ejecting the shell on the rug at my feet. The chicken thief opossum would trouble us no more. Shawn had proudly stopped the creature in its tracks.

We finally went back to our beds, a little too riled to sleep. The next morning the evidence was revealed. Of course, Kyri had to drag the dead chicken to the back forty for burial and Kelton had to document the whole episode and we called in the big dog(Shallen) to dig the hole. Fortunately, life goes back to normal, hopefully this time with the chickens locked up. By the way, egg production is at an all time high. Life is good:)


  1. This is too funny...I did get a laugh out of it...forgive me I'm sure it wasn't too funny for you all at the time!!! :)
    Lisa Boardman

  2. The things y'all will do to entertain Mom... Just kidding :) Country life isn't exactly dull! Hey, sure hope you're feeling better!

  3. Meanwhile back at the ranch! What a great story. Sorry the chicken had to die just to get some excitement.(As if your family doesn't have enough). This sounds like some of the stories you used to write. Love you all, glad you are feeling better.
    PS. I found the clothes sack, and it is in the mail!

  4. Actually, we don't mourn a chicken here. We did get a laugh out of it. Life is never truly dull.
    Thanks, June, for taking care of the clothes and my kids. I'm feeling almost back to normal. As to my stories, That's pitiful. I'm going to have to try harder. Holly

  5. So where was Baxter through all of this? Has he not yet claimed the title of "Head of Ranch Security?" haha! Enjoyed your story. So glad you are feeling better!

  6. He was probably sound asleep playing Drover, "Oh, my leg, my leg..."

  7. Hey Holly, I want to get in on this too. In retrospect, the incident was funny but when I first woke up in the Ozark darkest I was filled with all kinds scary explanations for the ruckus.
    I was glad it turned out to be a oppossum and not a bob cat! The most amazing part of the story was the fact that the sound of the shot gun did not wake up the kids.

  8. Hi Holly, That's why they renamed it "Fourbucks"! Have you ever tried Olive Garden's coffee? It's my all time favorite.
    Send me an email and tell me how you're feeling today.