Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ice Storm Survival

If you've never been in a true ice storm, you can't totally relate, but let me try to express the feelings and emotions of the long journey our family took over the last two weeks. It first started with my friend Kathy informing me I'd better stock up. Of course, where else would I go? But then everyone else was there too, and emergency supplies were dwindling.

But since we still had power after the first day, we dined on fish tacos. Yum!

The next morning made chores interesting, but Kelt treated it as a grand adventure, as always. It was finally on the third day that the sun came out...

and we began the long haul of cleaning and restoring our world around us.
Oh, yes, by this time our power was gone and we were running the generator to run the well pump. My propane stove worked just fine and the fridge was on and off through the day. I even could run my washer, Yea!!!

It was the lack of hot water and easy ways to heat water that I discovered why I wouldn't make a good pioneer's wife. Don't get me wrong, I was blessed to be able to function that week long power shortage, but I still remember how warm the shower was and how clean and refreshed I felt. Thank God for modern inventions! So much happened that week, but I'll stop for now and let this be a recap for you. Power is on and life continues on...

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