Thursday, February 12, 2009

Me? A New Mom?

We our the proud new parents of a preemie. A baby foal, a filly, to be exact. She was born with a will to live, though, and fight for her life, she has. Her Mama didn't have any milk at first, so it was round the clock feedings. I'm not cut out for that stuff, anymore.

But she is stronger and growing and the Mama has her milk in. She's pretty special and everybody is taken with her.

Welcome! Neftali Sausan!


  1. Glad you have your power back on and hopefully everything is getting back to normal! We are looking forward to seeing you all next week! Love ,Jenn

  2. Yay! No more bottle feeding. You all were so dedicated! I really enjoy your blog. Your sense of humor really speaks to me!!

  3. So cute and sweet. This is just the size that I like horses. Can't wait to see you all this next week.