Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Country Kid Fun!

Here's a little of what goes on in the life of a country kid...

This is the Preemie Foal from a month ago, which we are still trying to fatten up. In the mean time, she has become a pet and playmate.

According to Kelt, after a little play, he pulled Neftali down into the hay beside him and she eventually fell asleep. Which prompted this photo shoot, I guess. Pets come in all sizes, you know:)

Kelton is my little chef, and one morning he took this picture of his breakfast. Poached eggs over ham and toast, topped with cheese, with a little bacon and broccoli on the side. Yum!

A little imagination goes a long a way out here!
Until later...


  1. I love those pictures. They could win in a contest. Kyri, you're beautiful girl, sweet,too! Kelt, the breakfast looks delicious...just the way I like it,'perfect egg' and all. Holly, sorry I missed your call, bad signal on my cell phone. Love to you all. Mom

  2. How cute! The pics of the kids and horses. You are really living your dream, meanwhile back at the ranch stories you used to write. Love the master chef at your house. Can he come down here and cook for me for awhile? How was your blood work? Are you feeling stronger?

  3. Hey, Holly, I missed reading your journal of 3-10-09. Thanks for sharing that memory maker. I agree with you, "hope it's a long time til Kyri walks down the aisle". Boy, she'll be a beauty!

  4. So cute...LOVE the horse photos! My kind of livin'.