Monday, February 16, 2009

Baxter, The Dog, Of Course!!!

Sometimes God's creatures are just amazing in the way they communicate love and devotion. This little pooch is our terrier mixed mutt that adopted us when we moved here last year.


He used to belong to our neighbor up the hill from us, but when he discovered Kyri (she called him Dixie at first) he decided he didn't want to go home. We tried sending him home, our neighbor tried tying him up, we even threw rocks and waved big sticks, but to no avail. He'd hide under the shed and sleep on our porch

Here he's in my flower pot

when we weren't home. Finally, we approached our neighbor and offered to pay for him, but instead he just gave him to us. Now he is a constant source of pleasure and laughs and love. He has a sensitive personality ( has been known to pout), but over all, just funny and sweet. His real name is Baxter and he has become one of the family. It cracks me up all the different things he does.

He enjoys sleeping upside down at times.

He'll run with the horses literally all day if you're going riding. He does chores with the kids every morning and spends an exorbant amount of time by the fire. In case you couldn't tell, we love him bunches!

He is even loving to our cat, Talli. We call her his lady friend.

Here's to you, Baxter, may you live a long time!!!


  1. Hi Holly, I just read through all your recent blogs. It's been awhile. I really enjoyed it and the pictures were fun. I especially enjoyed the Baxter story and pictures. You are right, he is a special dog..I've heard it said that mutts sometimes make the best natured dog. We're anxiously awaiting the before and after pictures of your kitchen. Keep the news coming. Love you all, Mom

  2. Holly, your posts always make me smile. I love the Baxter story. I can just imagine how much Kiri loves him. Hope to see you this week.