Sunday, March 15, 2009

Beware! Rooster on Guard!!!

Never try to mess with a cranking, protective rooster's ladies. I think that was the lesson Kelt learned this week. Although I must admit,
Kelt is pretty ingenious in his own way of handling Mr. Big Stuff.

I just happen to glance out the window the other day and saw the rooster acting very strange. He kept running back and forth between the doors of our coop. It then occurred to me that the main one was shut and the rooster was quite agitated. Just then the door flew open and I see Kelton running full speed out of the coop carrying the egg bucket. Zoom... he flew past the window and out of sight and then I see the rooster hot on his heels, I guess I didn't realize how fast those suckers could run. Then... Bang! In the front door slammed Kelton, laughing and breathing hard.

Of course, I wanted to know all the details of his escapade, and he proceeded to tell me of his crime against Mr. Big Stuff. It seems that there were too many hens crowding the laying boxes,

so Kelton shut the coop doors and began to ruffle a few feathers and gather the eggs. Here is where the rooster went ballistic. So Kelt timed it just right by messing with the hens, making the rooster run to the opposite door and that is when I saw the flying child and the mad dashing rooster in hot pursuit.

All this leaves me with one question. Are these precious eggs worth that kind of trouble? You bet ya! Even Kelton would agree, though he kept commenting on feeling himself still shaking 15 minutes later, the adrenaline rush was definitely worth it, and out smarting and out running the crotchety 'ole guy as well. I think its easier to collect eggs when the coop is deserted, for what it's worth, but that is me and not Kelton. Sigh:)


  1. I guess I'm not a true country girl...I'd settle for Walmart eggs, Ha! But that rooster sure is handsome. How about stuffing him and putting him on your kitchen buffet? He matches all your beautiful colors. I would call you but I know you are still busy stripping wall paper. Please hurry and post those kitchen pics. We can't wait to see the 'after' pics.

  2. Kelt is braver than I am. Big me roosters scare me. I would love to have fresh eggs, but I am afraid my neighbors would object. Love your stories.