Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Kelton's Big Day!

My baby boy is no longer small, really he hasn't been for quite sometime.

Cowboy Kelt

It is interesting how very different my two sons are. Sort of like Country Mouse and City Mouse. Kelton is my horse rider, outdoor conqueror, creator of all things made with sticks, baler twine and dirt.

David, Kelton, and Devon

He was a little slower than Shal to really make friends. But, succeed he did and he had some of them over to help him turn twelve. They had a great time shooting each other with airsoft guns, chopping logs, wrestling and making stupid videos of themselves in the dark with my camera. You know, tween boy things!!!

Happy Birthday, Kelton!!!


  1. Hi, Kelt, It's been awhile since I've blogged so I'm catching up with you. Hoppy Birfday, Cowboy! You sure are cute. Someday a pretty little thing will tell you that. Ha! You are growing up so fast. I love you, Mamaw

  2. Happy Birthday Kelton. Wow, time is flying by. Love your blog Holly.