Thursday, April 15, 2010

Point Of View

I'm thankful for my Mom's reminder about my point of view.
It can be really depressing at times, especially for a cleany like me.

I mean really, Shawn, who in their right mind would WANT a horse on their porch. (except you)

This is the "naked" truck! Yes, I have driven it all over everywhere. It is a great reminder that God hates pride. It has made me thankful for wheels.

God also made this, one of my favorite flowers. The beauty of spring helps me forget the dirt!

AND this is where I go occasionally when I need to remember what the whole Arkansas dream was about. This is the view that I will eventually see out my living room window.
One day...


  1. What dirt? There were so many beautiful things to behold....starting with YOU and Shawn, Shallen, Kelton and Kyri.

  2. Frankly, I thought the horse on the porch was hilarious. Guess I have a warped sense of humor.