Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hello? Are My Kids Warped?

Do you remember those kids magazines where they showed only a part of something and then made you guess what it was? That is what these pictures remind me of...
So guess away!!!

Actually, I'll give you a hint! We butchered our roosters...

This is my son's reenactment of his father's antics. Yes, it is a rooster foot! When he was a boy, Shawn gave his own mother quite a fright by pulling the tendon and making it open and close. Kelton and Kyri were intrigued by that whole thought. No, I wasn't scared and I didn't scream. I'm no fun. So Kyri grabbed a camera and took these of Kelt hiding behind the table.

Anyway, I now have 3 of the 5 too many roosters, in the freezer. Later...

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  1. So funny!! The things country kids do for entertainment :)