Monday, April 12, 2010

The Nasty And The Nice

There has been a major renovation happening around here--see for yourself...

This was the beginning of my new found infatuation with tree frogs...

The old floor was gross. Period! It had rotted and had holes and...never mind, you get the picture!

Ahhh! The smell of newness!!!

Dark paneling and the poor sink leaked underneath, the faucet dripped, and it was kinda falling off the wall.

I love white! Yea! for white! But don't get me wrong, white by itself is stark.
Hence, enter Mr. Green! Take a deep breath, can't you just feel spring growing on the inside?
Shawn wasn't sure what he thought, but eventually said it was growing on him:)

He-Man Shawn, who ripped out that moldy, fifty-year-old drywall by hand.

Thanks, Babe, at least now I can shower without my over active gag reflex in over drive:)

I couldn't resist this little sign. It seems that is what happens when you only have one bathroom.
Someone is always in it when you need it. But, hey, with it looking this sunny and clean, I may never come out!!!


  1. Oh WOW, Holly! You'd never know it was the same room!! You are just too creative - I love the frogs, the wood trim with hooks, and it's so cool how you trimmed around the mirror! And y'all did an awesome job with the tile, it looks great. Love the bamboo blinds, too - I just got some for our den, and I'm hoping my he-man will hang them tonight :)
    When we lived in Meridianville, we had a resident tree frog in our bathroom - a for reals tree frog - and he loved to take showers with Dave, we kinda took a liking to him :)

  2. Oh, Holly, what a terrific difference! Hooray for paint and hard work! You have great decorating style and its fun to watch you work the magic.
    It was so much fun to spend the weekend with you all. Thanks, Kyri, for sharing your room. I love you all.

  3. Totally awesome Holly!!! You really transformed that bathroom! I'm totally with you on the yucky dark stuff in bath rooms! I want to FEEL CLEAN when I come out!! :) By the way.... happy belated Birthday!! Love you!!

  4. Brittany, David mentioned the frog the other day. That is cool! The blinds are super easy and I love the texture they add. Thanks Jenn, back at ya:)