Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sweet Stuff Has Arrived!

Here is a typical day in the neighborhood.

The challenge of catching a foal never grows old.

Of course, they love to be scratched at the base of their withers.

Welcome to the herd, Mocha!


  1. Hi Holly, Long time no talk! I'm at Eric and Jeanine's because my flight was canceled. The forest fires up here are horrendous. There are clouds of smoke that blanket the Fairbanks valley and close down the airport at times. Everyone is hoping the Aug. rains will start soon and end the fires. The colts are beautiful. I called to talk to you but no luck. You must be the busy Home Executive! I love and miss all of you.

  2. Hi Holly! Sounds like you are having fun with all the colts. We are busy as usual but it looks like you are having more fun than I am>:) Love you guys! Trisha