Friday, July 31, 2009

When I Bestride Him, I Soar... --William Shakespeare

What do these pictures have in common?

William Shakespeare

Sir William Shakespeare

Absolutely nothing, but the name of course. This little guy was born this week and because his Mom lives at the neighbor's house, we gave them the naming privilege.
They chose William.
I chose the Sir and the Shakespeare part.
Hello? He's a horse... I just figured what does it matter anyway? Besides, because he's only part Arabian, he doesn't need one of those weird names, right? He's cute though, all babies are cute.


  1. Yes, cute. Foals are all legs and odd angles.


  2. Soooo cute! Isabelle loves any horse. She really wants one but I don't think we could keep him in our little small garage. LOL

  3. Love the name, Holly. Tim's cat is named Prince Shadow Meow. He is scared of his own shadow, therefore the name. Our Dixie was Robinson's Dixie Doodle Dandy.
    I love keeping up with your family through your blog. Wish we could see you sometime. Maybe when I make my way up to Rogers I will call you.