Monday, August 31, 2009

Throw The Rice In The Air, Let The Church Bells Ring...

We went to a wedding on Saturday in Kansas City. Shawn's cousin finally tied the knot:) The ceremony started at 10 am. A little chilly in the morning air, but the day was promising to be lovely.

Marion and Rod Hall
(mother and father of the groom)
This is Shawn's Mom's sister.

Nathan Hall (brother to the groom) played and sang.

Kurt and Anna--The Happy Couple

The wedding was more like a big church service that lasted all day. The ceremony itself was not that long, but by the time pictures were taken and lunch was eaten and cake was cut and bouquet thrown and gifts opened... Okay, you get the picture. It was a long day, but very sweet and special. It was nice to visit with family after as well.

Congratulations, Kurt and Anna!!!


  1. The pictures are nice. You are a good photographer. It's been awhile since I visited your blog and found it interesting. Keep inspired me to start it and I love it.

  2. so you usually don't find my blog interesting? haven't visited in a while and was happy to find it interesting? or what? Shawn took the pics. I think you're the only person whoever comments. Maybe everbody has moved to facebook? I love ya, Mom

  3. I meant...I hadn't visited your blog in awhile. It always interests me. I'll always love you, My HOlly