Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day !!!

Memorial Day was hot, sunny and filled with projects...

Kyri earned money on a dirty job. Climbing under the trailer with an electrical wire for her Dad!!!

Ezekiel (and Kelt) added a camper to our ...
[this one for Ezeko]
...growing RV park. When your house is small, RV's become house extensions.
[this one for Shal]
Shawn dug the holes for the poles where my clothes line will go and...

...here is the view I will enjoy while I'm hanging clothes.

Here is the main job completed...We've had this horrid, huge beater of an air-conditioner for over seven years...it was old back then. But I am so thankful for it and for Kyri's cheerful artwork beside it. Cool!! (pun intended:)

Happy Memorial Day!!!

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