Friday, May 20, 2011

Happy Anniversary, Shawn!!!

We're we really THIS young?

And skinny?

I Love You!


  1. Happy Anniversary to two wonderful people!! I love the new blog look. :)

  2. Hey, Happy Anniversary! I remember when we all were young, and you were our wonderful school marm:)

  3. Holly, thanks for the tip-off. It'd been so long since I checked your blog that I kinda forgot about it. Looks like you've really updated things, now I'll check in more often. I like this spring green background. All your pics and posts are cool. So much fun to see your wedding pics. I'll never forget that wedding, beautiful bride and I was losing by baby girl. Gotta admit, I cried a little. You're still beautiful and you're just the right size....certainly not fat. Love you both and Happy Anniversary.

  4. Happy Anniversary to you two! I've always loved the pics from your wedding - beautiful!