Friday, May 8, 2009

FOF : I Think...

I don't usually do the FOF, but today I finished a project and it is Friday, soooooo...

This is the before and after pics of Kyri's room.

We decided to give it a face lift for her birthday this year.

My friend Kim came over yesterday and helped me paint. Seventeen hours later (counting her time and Kyri's and of course, mine) we are finally done, yeah!

Kyri loves blue, in case you couldn't tell. She picked out most of the colors herself. I hope she doesn't out grow it too soon, I'm all painted out. Britt, how do you keep going?

Until next time...


  1. I just love that shade of blue. So happy for you, Kyri, to have your own room and in such cool color. Everything matches wonderfully.

  2. It looks so good. Glad you painted it blue, I love it!

  3. Cool color, Kyri! Y'all did a great job.
    Can't wait for our little girly vacation - the beach is really starting to call my name;)