Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Scheme Gone Ary

Shawn wanted me to update with the latest horrible news! His efforts to plant the greenhouse door post, caused a broken water line to our neighbors. Normally that would be real bad for anyone, except these neighbors already are touchy because we share the same well and if we run our water hose they don't get any pressure. Shawn was scrambling to get it repaired before they got home. He made it just barely. Oh, the scrapes we get ourselves in. So the saga continues...


  1. OOOhhh...that was a close one! Glad Shawn got it fixed in time! Hey, Congrats on your new little niece.

  2. Hi Holly, So glad Shawn fixed the line before the neighbors got home. I bet he was sweating it! Are you going to post a picture of Jael? That would be nice. Tell us about your wall paper fiasco and how about a picture of wallpaper stuck to your arms. It's not funny, is it?