Thursday, January 8, 2009

In Love with Laundry??

Now here's the bottom line... I hate doing laundry, especially in the dining room, especially with no dryer. Hanging clothes behind the wood stove and over chairs is really for the birds.

Hence, I can truly say I love doing laundry now. Shawn made the coat closet bigger, and Voila! the romance begins:) It is also the beginning of the makeover this little house is about receive this year. Brittany! Where are you? I need a specialist!!!


  1. You don't need me - I'm still doing laundry in the garage!! Let me tell you, it's COLD out there. When Dave runs out of clothes, I tell him whenever it gets warm I'll do laundry:) He's planning to build walls to enclose the laundry room and install some heat...ya know, after the kitchen gets done, after he finishes the shutters, etc, etc. You're doing great!!

  2. Hurrah! Sounds like a plan to me. Hope you all are having a great start to your year! Love ya! Trisha