Friday, June 6, 2014

Why The Silence???

As many of you know, my precious mama went to Papua New Guinea at the beginning of this year.

I thought I'd be strong and brave...and I was

...except my heart went with her.  I left a piece of me in PNG as a child and it was hard to not crawl into her bags and go with her.  But don't get me wrong, she went with my fullest blessing.  I wasn't prepared for the turmoil it would put me in.

Not only did I miss her, achingly so, those first few months, I also lost my own life as well...let me explain.  I discovered the joy had gone out of everything around me.  It seemed so trivial to live in our western culture with its blessings and frivolity, when my mom was sacrificing so much.  My creativity was dead, the meaning in my life felt like a farce.  Although there is truth in everything I've said, I also had to remember that God didn't call me there.  He called me to be married to this man...

...which means sharing his life and his world.  An Arkansas country world...
and this blog is apart of that in a way.  So, with all that said, I've come back to bloggerville and am here to let the creative juices flow.  The next few posts will be catch up time and maybe a bit random and jumbly...
Anyway, 'nough said...until later.