Saturday, March 24, 2012

Spring Update!

Spring is here!!!

  Baxter's impromptu pose in front of my new flower bed.

'The Gang' (in order...Nick, Shal, Spencer,& Cedar) on their way for a hike/campout. 
I tried to remind them that what goes out must come back(except...well, never mind).
They were pretty loaded down. LOL

This was Shawn's idea of breakfast in bed.  I opened my bedroom door and this was what was waiting for me.  It reminds me of my sister's 'Twinkies in Bed' senario.
Anyway, it's the thought that counts.

Happy Spring, Ya'll!!!


  1. Your "breakfast in bed" made me smile =) So I asked Dave what he would bring me, IF he were to bring me breakfast in bed. Then we had a great laugh at how very hypothetical that was... ;)
    I love the pic of Baxter - he looks so pleased with himself! =)

  2. Do you still raise and breed Arabians? I'm looking for a prospect and know these bloodlines. Fun blog and beautiful family!

  3. Hey, yes we still breed Arabians. We have a sweet mare due any day now with a foal. Both are for sale. There also may be a black stallion for sale. He could be sold as a stud or as a gelding, depending on what you are looking for. Call my husband's work phone...479-409-6222.

  4. Just stopping by your blog to see what's new. Breakfast in bed is cute.." keep it simple..Stupid"! Love the pics. Waiting for Kyri's latest pics. Love you all..