Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Random Pix On My Camera!

There are usually a zillion pictures of a horse or two...

Sharif Najem

...yes, he's for sale...

Here is my first attempt at a new kind of bread. It has a secret ingredient...It was wonderful and oh, so chewy!!!

Also, there are a few unusual cat photos...

in various positions...
This is Theodore our latest fur ball!

Last but not least...I'm forever trying to catch the changing light and it's effects on the view from my Kitchen window. Our valley is beautiful this year and the whole panorama can't be truly captured. You'll just have to enjoy this little slice!

So, that sums up my random life!!!


  1. I enyoyed the pictures!! Also, your porch rail is pretty cool! :)

  2. I just want a piece of your bread. Gotta tell me what the secret ingred. is. Who needs pictures on the wall when you have scenes like that out the window. Just beautiful!