Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Raw Unfiltered Truth!!!

Here are the pictures you have been waiting for. Mom and I had a conversation some time back about showing the 'real' side of things. I will try to without blushing or hiding my head in shame. Some of you know I just finished a three-week camp-out in our barn while our double wide mobile home was being moved onto our land. We had a camper, but discovered it to be a bit squished for our all-arms-and-legs family. Well, you fit 5 very gangling creatures in a RV for 21 days. So, Shawn and I slept in the loft of the barn and Kyri slept in the hay in a tent while the boys took opposite ends of the camper. Amid hords of flies and horses munching hay mere feet away, and the "honey pot" behind a tree, I survived! Some of my friends here, thought how romantic it was to sleep out under the stars, or almost, let me be quick to put that notion out of you head...Okay, I've stalled long enough, brace yourself.....

The Storage Unit

The Kitchen

The Hay Bedroom

The Master Bedroom

The Camper

P. S. I do miss all the stars at night, and the hoot owls and the coyotes and...Oh, never mind....


  1. You are one brave girl! Glad you're getting moved in :)

  2. Holly you are just living out the adventures that you used to write about. What a ride you are on. I love seeing the pictures, and you are living in a beautiful part of the country. YOu are still one of my favorite peoples. I am so glad God blessed you with a sense of humor to go along with the adventures. Love you so much!!

  3. You know Tim cured me of ever letting others read my chicken scratch. " meanwhile, back at the ranch" LOL I guess my skin is alittle thin;) Especially when you're a 13 year old weirdy...Ha

  4. Well you two never have had a boring life, and I suppose never will. :) LOL We all thought "Moberly Days" were wild and exciting, but now I am beggining to wonder.... :) You guys should write a book. I suppose if anyone could pull off the things you guys have it would be you and Shawn. Love ya. :)

  5. I'm proud of you! Hang in there...."Good things come of those who wait." I love the scenery pics, that helps you thru the rough spots. Can't wait to see you again. Love you

  6. Holly, hope you have time to post up to date pics soon. Let us see your new home and lovely view. I love you and think about you so much.

  7. You are one brave lady!!! I would have been freaked out that some rat would come running across me in the middle of the night, YUCK!!! Glad you got your new place set up!