Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Celebrating The Irritants...

Now tell me the truth, we wives and mothers have daily irritations, right?
Here are a few of mine. Can I whine for a minute?

Shallen and his daily cup of coffee. Of course, he leaves his tools behind and usually a little dirty.

And then there is Kelton...his bed is always either full or empty, LOL...
but mostly it is always messy.

Anyone who knows me and my daughter, know we don't see eye to eye on fashion.
Kyri leaves theses everywhere and wears them with anything that remotely matches.

But it's not just the kids, Shawnigans has a bad habit of throwing his towel over the door.
It wouldn't be so bad except he forgets to take it back into the bathroom, so if I don't collect for laundry, we will wind up with a collection in our bedroom.

Then, there's me! I suppose I have my habits as well.

Now for the other side of the coin, if any of the family ceased to exist who would make the coffee every morning, or mess up the beds and leave Hi-Tops around, or even the menagerie of towels in my room. And, would they miss the tea bag every morning?

I guess my musings have brought me to this conclusion, I am blessed to have occupant in my house called...Family!
Now, go hug your own, k?


  1. Around here, it's crayons and a gazillion pieces of artwork, legos, and dinosaurs! But you're right - given a choice, I'd take the little squirts, messes and all :)

  2. I like what you said. Good perspective but hard to accept for us "Neaties". But don't we just love them?

  3. Nice post Holly! I have to remind myself of the same things, ugh! When I help the kids clean their rooms and want to get rid of junk and they plead with me not too, I remind myself...they won't even care about all these treasures some day : (