Saturday, April 25, 2009

This Is The House That Kelt Built...

Do you remember the days when your troubles could all slip away while hiding out in one of these?

Well, I guess Kelt had some imagining to do and some slipping away, too, 'cause he got real inspired and( without any adult intervention, or help)

Voila! An awesome tree fort was born.
Yes, he ran the chop saw himself, with permission and guidance, of course.

Maybe I'll just hire my own son to build my house:) But bigger please...
Great job, Buddy!


  1. AWESOME!! Reminds me of you and David and all of your dreaming and scheming.

  2. Great job, Kelt. Yes, those are some of my fondest childhood memories. My brother and I spent a summer building a three-tiered tree house. We were so carefree!
    About your question of accepting myself...Do any of us? When sin entered the Garden, complexes entered our beings. Heaven will be a the place of beautiful healing!